What Datapacks does the Hermitcraft Server Use?

Hermitcraft Server Oct 3, 2021

Hermitcraft SMP uses a decent amount of datapacks that add quality of life features while keeping the vanilla feel. Hermitcraft gets their datapacks from vanilla tweaks. Which is a website that offers various tweaks to minecraft in the form of datapacks, and resource packs. Here is what Hermitcraft has as of Season 8:

  • AFK Display - Name goes grey if the Hermit doesn't move for five minutes
  • ANTI Endermen Grief - Stops endermen picking up blocks
  • Armor Statues - Used to manipulate armor stands for building details
  • Coordinates Hub - Displays Co-ords and direction in action bar
  • Durability Ping - A notification system to warn players of breaking tools and armor
  • More Mob Heads - All mobs can drop their head on death
  • Multiplayer Sleep - Lets one person sleep and adds message into chat
  • Nether Portal Coords - Helps you calculate where to build in alternate dimensions
  • Player Head Drops - If a player kills another, their head will drop on death!
  • Track Raw Statistics - Used to track tones of information about events in the world
  • Track Statistics - Creates additional stats using math (Both Statistics datapacks are used for TAB numbers)

Custom Recipies

Downloads (Hermitcraft SMP's Datapacks)


Recipies (not including the spore blossom)

If you want to checkout a Hermitcraft Like Server with similar datapacks to Hermitcraft join ComparatorCraftSMP
Website: https://comparatorcraftsmp.net


Vanilla Tweaks

Reddit (Xisumavoid)