What is a Hermitcraft Like Server?

Hermitcraft Server Oct 6, 2021

A Hermitcraft like Server is a Minecraft SMP that brings the Hermitcraft experience to everyone. These servers usually have similar key components that make them Hermitcraft like and separate them from a typical SMP:

  • A central shopping district with a Diamond economy
  • Beating the Ender Dragon isn't the end (Players play months or even years after the dragon is defeated)
  • These servers are building focused with some lore and events
  • Similar modifications that the Hermitcraft Server has like multiplayer sleep, armor status, proximity chat, and double shulker shells

But due to these servers public nature they have to deviate from the popular YouTube SMP with these changes:

  • These servers usually have an application process to weed out low quality members, griefers, hackers, and trolls
  • The servers also have rules to maintain server integrity
  • They also have moderators and staff to enforce those rules and carry out punishments
  • Also staff have tools like Coreprotect to help them log and rollback any player actions

Any good servers like this?

Main one you should join is ComparatorCraftSMP, you get a unique take of a Hermitcraft like server
Website Link for you to check out: https://comparatorcraftsmp.net